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No Pens Wednesday!

Today was ‘No pens Wednesday’. This meant that we had to make use of our voice and practise our speaking and listening skills.

As part of our English work, we decided to have a debate. First of all, we worked on our own and had a whole class debate about who was right in ‘The Big Fight’, in Bill’s New Frock. Next, we worked in groups of three to have an even clearer debate, where the focus was on listening and acknowledging other people’s points before stating our own.

Our debates were really excellent and we were able to build up our confidence in pubic speaking too! Here are some pictures of the event:

Next week, we are going to continue improving our debating skills by debating about gender inequality. We are all very excited to put our new skills into practice!

Music Lessons with Mr Mercer

This term we are lucky enough to have Mr Mercer coming in to take Year 4 classes for music. He is excellent on his ukulele and comes up with some excellent ways for us to learn about music and the theory behind it too.

Last week, we started our lesson by singing ‘This is Me’ from The Greatest Showman. This sounded brilliant as we all LOVE singing this song.

We were then asked to create our own rhythm by using a short phrase about food. One of the groups came up with ‘chicken nuggets with lots of dip’. Each group was then able to perform their rhythm as a verse in the ‘Food Song’. In the end, we had a whole song, with everyone in the class being able to take part.

We CANNOT wait for another exciting lesson with Mr Mercer tomorrow!

See each group performing in the gallery below:

The BIG Battle

What an epic battle we had on Friday morning to conclude our Romans topic!

After a whole week of training our trusty steeds, we were ready to take on our enemies. The Celts certainly put up a good fight, although we were unable to defeat those Rotten Romans!

Look at these beautiful pictures from the day.

Thank you for coming to support us on the final celebration of our Roman’s topic!

We are looking forward to seeing you all for our next showcase.

Christmas is coming…

On Tuesday, we took a visit to Moortown Baptist Church, just a short walk away from our school. What a fabulous time we had! First of all, we learnt more about the story of Christmas, hearing a range of different perspectives, linking nicely with our theme of ‘A Tale of Two Sides’. We also had the chance to make some clay tealight holders and decorate them. They were great!

Some of the highlights of the day were:

  • Watching the show
  • Talking to the shepherds and wise men
  • Making tealight holders
  • Acting as a character
  • Getting involved with audience interactions
  • Walking to the Baptist church

Here is a slideshow of some of the pictures taken on the day:

Homework this week:

Extra task – Fronted Adverbials (Manner/How):

Have a lovely weekend!

See you again soon to share more of our wonderful adventures!

The Science behind sounds…

On Thursday, the sound man came to visit us and taught us everything there is to know about sound.

First of all, we learnt about how quickly sound travels through the air (750 miles per hour). Even though this is fast, light travels even faster (750 million miles per hour). That is why we see lightning before we hear the thunder.

Next, we voted on whether sound can travel through the three states of matter. Some thought that it would and others thought that it wouldn’t. We already knew that sound can travel through the air, as we talk all the time. However, we were not so sure about liquids and gases.

When Ava tested the clicking toy under water, we discovered that sound can travel through water.

We used a tuning fork to test whether we could send sound through solids. Both Grace and Kevin could hear and feel the vibrations moving through the wooden stick, all the way to the wooden box. The stick acted like a bridge, taking the vibrations from one place to another. The wooden boxes amplified the sound. Would this make the sound louder or quieter? Comment your answer below.

Therefore, we found that sound can move through all three states of matter.

We tested lots of other things around the room to see if they would amplify the sound. We found that larger surfaces were better amplifiers than small surfaces! Hollow surfaces also made louder sounds.

Sam, the sound man, showed us how loud sounds make big sound waves, whereas smaller sounds make smaller sound waves.

Next, he showed us how to make musical instruments. He demonstrated how to build a wooden xylophone. We hope that we will be able to have a go at this sometime this half term. To do this, we need planks of wood of slightly different sizes and some foam to cushion the wood. If you have any at home, please bring them in!

Other useful items for musical instrument making: bicycle inner tubes, thick elastic bands, bouncy balls, wooden chopsticks and metal pipes (big and small).

The day a Roman soldier came…

On Tuesday, we were very surprised when a Roman soldier turned up in our classroom! As part of our Roman topic, we learnt and re-enacted the Festival of Saturnalia. Some of us were slaves on our day off, some of us were market sellers, some of us were the proud Curiales, and some of us were just ordinary Roman citizens. We also learnt about the Roman’s sacrifices to their Gods, as well as the intense battles in the Colosseum. There are lots of great pictures below.

What a great first half term we have had! We can’t wait for many more exciting days like this day, next term. On the first Monday back, we have a sound workshop, which we are already looking forward too!

Unusual activities this week

There have been a few usual activities this week in 4HK. It all started on Monday in Science. We wanted to recreate the digestive system and how it creates our waste. We had a variety of equipment available to us such as, bowls, sandwich bags, a potato masher, some scissors, a tube, bread, vinegar and water. We chose the piece of equipment that was most similar to each of the body parts involved in the digestive system. These body parts were the teeth, the mouth, the esophagus, the stomach (and it’s acid), the small intestine and the large intestine. It was a very messy experiment, but we were all very excited about having a go.

On Wednesday, we had an exciting visit from the author, Kate Pankhurst. She told us all about herself as well as the books that she writes. She is related to Emily Pankhurst (the suffragette), so many of her books are about powerful women. She got us to do some exciting activities such as doodling in her style. This was difficult, but we produced some really great results that we have been able to take home to show our parents/carers.

Image result for kate pankhurst

This week we started exploring our new topic, the Romans. We have been excited about this since September, so we got stuck straight into our new class novel, Revolt Against the Romans. We explored Chapter 1 and 2, giving us a small insight into life during the Roman Empire. In History, we looked at a basic timeline of the Roman Empire. We can’t wait to learn more about each of these major events!

Homework this week:

Extra tasks:

Rounding task (optional but encouraged!)

See you next week for more updates into the lives of 4HK!

What’s worse for our teeth? Orange juice or Pepsi?

This week in Science we investigated what happens to our teeth when we drink sugary and fizzy drinks regularly. In order to test this, we used eggshell, as it is very similar to the enamel on our teeth. Therefore, eggs are an excellent thing to use when we do not have any real teeth available. We had to choose which drink we wanted to investigate and then use a scientific control (water) to check that the egg remained undamaged when placed into the water, as compared to the orange juice or Pepsi.

Removing the egg from the (very smelly) orange juice.

We were extremely excited by the experiment and could easily make links between the damage made to the eggshell and the potential damage that could be done to our teeth if we drink these drinks often, without cleaning our teeth. We used words such as enamel, glucose, cavities, plaque and fluoride to explain what could happen. We wrote this experiment up into our books considering what made the test fair as well as valid. Which liquid do you think will have done the most damage to the egg? Someone in 4HK will be able to tell you if you are right.

Next week, we will move on from teeth and start to explore the first part of the digestive system, the mouth!

The BIG Debate!

This week we continued to explore Voices in the Park. We learnt how to summarise texts by picking out key information from Voice 3. We were brilliant at this!

As part of our continuing exploration into different perspectives, we read The True Story of the Three Little Pigs, hearing what the wolf had to say about the whole situation. He said it was simply a sneeze that went wrong! This provoked a debate in class as to who was right, the pig or the wolf? The pictures below show us debating the issue (one side are the pigs and one side are the wolves).

The Pigs

The Wolves

We had to come up with one main point that we wanted to share, as well as respond to the person who spoke before us! This was nerve-wracking for some of us but we acted like Batman, showed a lot of resilience and managed to have a very successful class debate!

Resilient Batman

Homework due for 24th September 2019

Use this ‘no nonsense spelling’ strategy to help you learn your three spellings for the week.